HSC/GED Education

High School Completion/GED Prep/Increase Skill Levels


In-seat classes will begin the year with a mask requirement.  All staff and students will have to wear a mask while in any part of the building, including classrooms. If/when the Troy School District decides the mask mandate can end, we will follow their guidelines and provide updates on changing protocols.

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Students can earn a diploma, prepare for GED/High School Equivalency testing, and develop academic skills for employment or post-secondary admission. This program features individualized lessons, self-paced study, and flexible learning schedules.  Students participate in online learning programs and an in-seat computer lab that includes support from a certified teacher.  Classroom computer labs run Monday through Friday 9:30 am – 12:30 pm for daytime students OR Monday through Thursday 6:00 pm - 9:15 pm for evening students.  Specific student schedules will be discussed between teacher and student.  Virtual only options are available upon request to the teacher.  Virtual only students must maintain appropriate progress. 

Requirements:  Students must be 18 years or older and must qualify through placement testing.  A $30 non-refundable registration fee is required, otherwise, classes are FREE for eligible students.  Students without a high school diploma/equivalency qualify if math and reading scores are above 5th grade level.  Students who have a high school diploma/equivalency qualify if math and/or reading scores are below 12th grade and above 5th grade. 

Program diploma requirements include a minimum of 2 credits (4 classes) must be earned through Troy Adult Continuing Education unless previous credits have been earned from a Troy School District high school; in which case, a minimum of 1 credit (2 classes) must be earned through Troy Adult Continuing Education.  All students must also take the Troy Adult Continuing Education program posttest to earn a diploma.   

Registration: Starting January 10, 2022, you may register either online at troy.ce.eleyo.com or with scheduled registration appointments in the building if you cannot register online. Registration is on-going through April 22, and students can begin classes anytime through April 22. To schedule a registration appointment in the building, please contact our registration coordinator, Mary Jo Gale, via the email mjgale@troy.k12.mi.us. 

Allow 1-2 business days for staff to process registrations.