CARE - School Age

Before & After School Child Care for Elementary School Students 
C.A.R.E. Company - Children’s Activities in a Responsible Environment. The C.A.R.E. Company is designed to meet the needs of Troy School  District families who are not able to be home during the hours before and after school.  The C.A.R.E. Company is located in all twelve (12) elementary schools.  
The C.A.R.E. Company emphasizes a neighborhood-like atmosphere, free choice, and opportunities for students to participate in crafts, academic enrichment, gym, outdoor play, cooking, science, computers, and supervised free play. Opportunities to strengthen social skills are fostered, as children interact with each other.  
The following table lists the daily afternoon and morning fees for the program.  The registration fee is applied at the time of registration:
For more details on how to register for the program, please continue to read the information below.
We currently do not have information on CARE Fall 2021 registration.  We will update this site with details once the district finalizes plans for the upcoming school year.
 If you have any questions please email us at
LIVE Program

This is an opportunity for a limited number of Troy students in L.I.V.E. (Learning in a Virtual Environment) to spend the day in a supervised environment, with access to reliable internet where they can log on to virtual instruction from their classroom teacher. They will be set up at limited buildings throughout the district. No additional tutoring or instructional support will be provided. 

The L.I.V.E. program is currently closed.

Summer Camp

We are excited to once again offer our summer camp program!  Camp starts on June 21st. For more information, please go to



Once our registration is open, you can register your child by completing a contract for your child in our Eleyo registration platform.  You will first have to create an account profile as a parent and then add each child as your family member.  Then you can proceed to create the contract for each child. Once we approve the contract(s), you will receive an email confirmation from Eleyo.

To register for the program please go to our registration portal at:
The following links contain helpful tips on how to create an account and a contract in Eleyo: